We acknowledge past and current support by the following institutions:


ERC Consolidator Grant
Adaptive functions of visual systems "AdaptiveVision"
(Grant Agreement No: 101045003)

ERC Starting Grant:
Microcircuitry of the Drosophila visual system "MicroCyFly"
(Grant Agreement No: 716512)

ERC Starting Grant MicroCyFly
ERC Consolidator Grant AdaptiveVision


FOR5289: Research Unit "Robust Circuits"


CRC 1080: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural homeostasis
Project C06: Behavioral and circuit stability in dynamically changing environments


Emmy Noether-Programm (DFG):
The molecular and cellular basis of motion computation


CRC 889: Cellular Mechanisms of Sensory Processing:
Project C08: The role of glutamatergic inhibition in visual processing